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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chile 8.8 Earthquake

After 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile, the inevitable has happened, and Robinson Crusoe Islands are the first victim of tsunami. The reports from Robinson Crusoe Islands reveal that nearly 3-meter high tidal waves have flooded countless villages out there. The death toll in Chile has now risen to 78.

Next targets would be Hawaiian regions where tsunami warnings were already issued for Saturday as according to latest updates from Chile, huge waves have first reached at Robinson Crusoe Islands. The islands in question are some 400 miles away in the Chilean coastline though but even the far off areas are not safe.

Chilean President Michele Bachelet informed the media that tsunami warnings have been extended up to Pacific islands along with Russia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Japan, South America and Japan. Rather Australia and Philippines are in danger of tsunami now. The 8.8 power jolts have reportedly toppled several high structures already and as mentioned above, the death toll is rising after every new update.

The affects of San Diego earthquake have already caused massive destruction in Robin Crusoe Islands and now the authorities are deeply concerned about the safety of all the regions where the evacuation operations are being carried on emergency basis. Bachelet further informed that death toll is likely to rise and so far, its not clear how many injuries have been resulted.

She has already declared central Chile under the ‘state of catastrophe’ and as per the updates provided by Geological Survey U.S. Office, there have been as many as 11 aftershocks including 5 numbers magnitude 6.0 shakes within 2 and a half hours of earlier earthquake that lasted for nearly 90 seconds in various areas.

Poor villagers in Robinson Crusoe Islands are taking shelters on the higher elevations and the authorities are helping them out. The airports in Santiago have been closed and Eduardo del Canto the director airport informed that the service will remain closed for the next 24 hours.

Komentar :

ada 5 komentar ke “Chile 8.8 Earthquake”
akhatam said...
pada hari 

Wah semoga para korban diberi ketabahan ya.. Tx bro infonya!

secangkir teh dan sekerat roti said...
pada hari 

belajarlah dari chile dan jepang...!

indonesia kalo diguncang kaya gitu udah streesss!

Pencari Inspirasi said...
pada hari 

Mudah2an korban segera dapat pertolongan....

elsoulpc said...
pada hari 

Bencana udah dimana-mana......
pertanda dunia akan kiamat nih.......

Rhyzaboy said...
pada hari 

Tuhan ada maksud lain bro...

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